Wine Belgian Waffle – Chardonnay


Discover Wine Waffle – Chardonnay: a unique blend of traditional Belgian waffles and the refined taste of Chardonnay grapes, without alcohol. These all-natural, nut-free waffles offer a crisp, golden exterior and a fluffy interior, perfect for any occasion. Enjoy the fusion of Belgian tradition and Californian innovation in every bite!

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Simply Authentic

Embrace the delicate sophistication of our Chardonnay Infused Belgian Waffles, where the crisp, refined flavors of Chardonnay wine are beautifully encapsulated without any alcohol. These waffles marry the traditional comfort of Belgian baking with the elegant notes of a classic Chardonnay, providing a unique, ready-to-eat culinary delight. Perfect for an upscale morning treat or a refined snack, they add a hint of vineyard elegance to your eating occasions.


Pure Perfection

Delight in the silky texture and fresh orchard aromas of our Belgian Waffles, infused with the essence of Chardonnay. The batter is perfected to ensure a soft, pillowy interior beneath a delicately crispy exterior, mirroring the light and airy characteristics of a well-balanced Chardonnay. These waffles are crafted using only natural ingredients, free from preservatives, GMOs, oils, and nuts, to ensure a pure and indulgent taste experience. Enjoy them warmed to enhance their fruity undertones or relish them straight from the pack for a sophisticated snack.


Refined Chardonnay Flair

Experience the bright, inviting flavors of Chardonnay with our uniquely infused Belgian Waffles. Each bite offers a taste of the subtle complexities typical of Chardonnay wine—hints of green apple, citrus, and a touch of oak, all without alcohol. This distinctive flavor profile, enhanced by the pleasant texture of sugar crystals throughout, creates a rich culinary experience. These ready-to-eat waffles are an excellent choice for those seeking the essence of a fine wine in a novel and completely non-alcoholic form, perfect for any moment that calls for a touch of indulgence.

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Belgian Yum

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Butter, Chardonnay Vinous, Eggs, Flour, Sugar


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Wine Belgian Waffle - Chardonnay

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