Belgian Waffle – Coffee


Experience the deep, robust flavor of our Espresso Coffee Belgian Waffles, perfectly capturing the essence of freshly brewed coffee. Made from all-natural ingredients, these Ready-to-Eat treats offer a bold coffee kick with a crisp, satisfying texture. Ideal for a flavorful snack anytime, anywhere!

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Simply Authentic

Embrace the rich, aromatic essence of Espresso Coffee infused in our Belgian Waffles. This unique flavor marries the deep, intense notes of freshly brewed espresso with the classic texture of Belgian waffles, creating an extraordinary snack that’s ready to enjoy anytime. Ideal for coffee lovers and those seeking an invigorating taste experience, these waffles turn a simple treat into a sophisticated, edible indulgence. Perfect for a delightful pick-me-up, they offer a fresh twist on traditional snacking.


Pure Perfection

Enjoy the robust interplay of textures and flavors in our Belgian Waffles, where the deep, bold essence of espresso permeates every bite. The exterior crisps to perfection while the interior remains soft and fluffy, capturing the complexity of espresso in a delightful pastry form. Made from all-natural ingredients, free of preservatives, GMOs, oils, and nuts, these waffles cater to both health-conscious individuals and gourmet enthusiasts. Whether heated to release the full spectrum of coffee aromas or enjoyed right from the pack, they offer a luxurious and invigorating snacking option.


Pure Coffee Indulgence

Experience the bold and invigorating flavor of espresso with our specialty Belgian Waffles. Each is infused with a concentrated coffee flavor that mirrors your favorite espresso shot, delivering a sophisticated taste that’s both stimulating and rich. These ready-to-eat waffles are a perfect pick-me-up at any time of the day, offering a coffeehouse experience without the cup. Ideal for those who appreciate the finer points of coffee, they provide a satisfying treat that’s as energizing as it is delicious.

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Belgian Yum

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4, 8, 12, 24




Butter, Eggs, Espresso Coffee, Flour


Large, Medium, Small


100g, 35g, 70g

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Freezer – 90 days, Packed – 45 days


2-3 Days


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Belgian Waffle - Coffee

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